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At HSP PLS Canada our goal and mission is to raise awareness about HSP and PLS. We wish to provide a community of support for those living with HSP or PLS, and provide any news regarding conferences and research.

Melanie WadeHSP PLS Canada, Founder
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Research is Our

Only Hope

HSP PLS Canada knows many of the riddles regarding
the complicated biochemistry of these diseases. Many
HSP genes have now been discovered as well as a gene
for PLS. Animal models for these disorders have been
developed. They will enable investigators to further
uncover the biochemical processes that cause nerve
degeneration and identify and test therapy targets.

An increased focus on our diseases is timely and critical.
There is indeed reason to hope for treatments and
therapies in coming years that will restore significant
function to people affected by SPF diseases. And,
uncovering more of these riddles may also lead to
important findings for related conditions such as ALS,
spinal cord injury and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Support Resources

If you or someone in your family has recently been
diagnosed with HSP or PLS, you may be feeling very
overwhelmed. It is difficult news to hear, and sometimes
you may not know how to make sense of all the new
information you’re receiving. HSP PLS Canada knows
what you are going through.

There are many resources available to you,
and you are not alone.

People from HSP PLS Canada banding together

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