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Hi , Today let’s talk about Botox injections!!!I know lots of questions I hear  are around Botox. I am no expert and I am no Doctor. I am just a HSP patient who has Botox injections.

The muscle that goes to the big toe was pulled so tight when I had spasms my big toe on both feet would stand straight up!

Melanie WadeA Lady Living With HSP

It all started a few years ago, my big toes decided to start having muscle spasms The muscle that goes to the big toe was pulled so tight when I had spasms my big toe on both feet would stand straight up and if I pushed the toe down it would just bounce straight up again!!! When I talked to my family doctor he said oh it is just life, it happens to a lot of people, so I didn’t think too  much about it. The exact same thing happened many times and it was so painful and it lasted a long time, I couldn’t walk on it for a long time after. Back to my family doctor, he said talk to my neurologist, so my next appointment with him I told him about what was going on and he said let’s try botox ,so he did it right there in both toes. I was shocked I paid $2 for the medication!!! Then he booked me into his Botox clinic in London, Ontario. When I went there a few months later  they decided to put it in both toes Yay! No expense to me. I did not feel it or nothing but it works great. Since the injections no pain, no stiffness and no spasms at all. For people that want to know, they attach a machine that picks up my muscle on my shin then they put the needle in. I will be getting this done every 3 months with no cost to me at all.

For the past 2-3 years I have had pain 24/7 in my left front thigh. I have talked to my family doctor and my neurologist about this and all they have  said is Oh! It’s just your HSP, nothing we can do. In January I saw my Neurologist and I said I am sick of being in pain can you please do something, he said we will up all your pain medication Baclofen and Pregabalin, I said no not pregabalin as that just puts me to sleep and Baclofen just makes me sleepy  he said to take more so I take 5 mg more of Baclofen a day it just takes the edge of the pain. He then said lets try Botox in my left front thigh. I thought finally, I prayed hoping this does something. Last week I went to the Botox clinic. It was just all sorts of fun!!!!…… NOT. First lets do my left leg so the student couldn’t find the muscle so he puts the needle in and takes it out. My neurologist says no, you feel for the bone and put the needle in behind the bone. Done. My right leg, my doctor  said I will do it, he put it in the calf muscle then takes it out ,says oh that’s wrong it goes in the shin!!! I bleed like I do everytime not a big deal. Then I said to the students, there are 4 of them at this point , you are supposed to do my left thigh muscle, We have to ask the doctor, he said I forgot!!! I laid down and they put the medication in 4 spots then one of the students said how much did you put in? he said 40 mg ,they told him you are supposed to do 50 mg so they had to go back in the 4 spots to finish off what they were supposed to do. After all this it felt like bees stinging in my legs. I am just praying I just want this to work. The next day and every day for 1 week now, NO PAIN. I can not believe it, I get twinges but no pain!!!!!

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